Las Vegas Valley vulnerable to imminent floods

CREATED Jul 19, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- With the Carpenter 1 wildfire stripping Mount Charleston of its vegetation, officials fear the charred ground will not be able to absorb all the rain predicted in the forecast.

Which is why authorities said the question is no longer if it will flood here in the Valley, but when, and just how bad will it be?

The northwest Valley is bracing for a return of the raging waters that washed through just one week ago.

There were no showers in the area that day but there was some rainfall in the badly burnt Spring Mountain range. 

The now barren land couldn't hold back the flood waters from streaming more than 20 miles, carrying soot, ash and debris in to residential neighborhoods.

"When it rains in the mountain, the water is going to come down into the streets," said Erin Neff
with the Regional Flood Control District. "We can’t prevent what could happen this weekend, so what we do is we advise people, the water is coming, stay out of it."

There is a project in the works that will help divert flood waters away from the northwest, but it’s still several months away. Until then vulnerable residents will have to hope the mountain shows them some mercy.

The Regional Flood Control District has a brand new way to help stay safe from flood, an app for your smart phone called "Floodspot."
It shows what streets to avoid, where flooding is the most severe and even offers a game for kids.

Click here to get the app.