Firefighters deliver Christmas gifts to two local families

CREATED Dec. 24, 2013

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- On this Christmas Eve, firefighters in North Las Vegas are bringing "emergency holiday cheer" to two families. 

And this is an emergency response the whole neighborhood won't forget.
Kids near Commerce and Carey are still talking about what happened Tuesday morning when fire trucks drove in with their sirens blaring.
People came out of their homes, thinking there was a fire. You can imagine their surprise when they saw Santa.
Of course all of the kids started gathering around by then.
And when Santa came out - he started asking for the Hernandez family and the Valenzia family.
When those two families - who live near each other came out, Santa handed boxes of wrapped gifts.
But that's not all. Firefighters opened the back of a truck and started handing out toys they got from a toy drive... to ALL of the neighborhood kids.
"A lot of people didn't have money to give their kids presents and now thanks to the firefighters, they're gonna have a good Christmas, so yeah, it felt good."
The North Las Vegas Fire Department got the names of these two families from the school district.
A counselor said these two families could use some extra cheer.
This is something the fire department does every year and they look forward to it every holiday season.