Teachers ask for more funding on Education Awareness Day

CREATED Feb 25, 2013

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  • Video by ktnv.com

  • Video by ktnv.com


Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Cuts are looming on a national level as a call for more funding comes from thousands of Clark County teachers today. They're asking our legislators to listen up on what's being dubbed Education Awareness Day.

Teachers in the Clark County School District are concerned.

"It's been a crisis that's been in the making for the last five years with the budget cuts. Over $800 million has been cut. You can't keep taking away and expect things to get better," said Vikki Courtney, VP of the Clark County Education Association.

So they're sending a message to Carson City.

"We decided that we should show the public and the legislature that we are here and that we're concerned about what's happening in our schools," said Courtney.

The Clark County Education Association says drastic cuts have caused overcrowding and the elimination of vital programs, especially for the English language learning students. At Fay Herron Elementary School in North Las Vegas, 90 percent of their students are Hispanic and 80 percent don't speak English.

Teachers say it's hard for them to stay ahead if they don't have the programs they need. "Not just at this school but the nation is facing this problem with the ELL population," said Sandra Oviendo, a teacher at Fay Herron.

In fact, the only ELL specialist position at Fay Herron was eliminated two years ago. Teachers say without this specialized help, students have a hard time learning.

So teachers across the district are asking for more...

"We need funding for education we need materials for our kids."