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Family hopes Faith Love's death will help bring change

CREATED Dec 21, 2011

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Nearly two months ago, 12-year-old Faith Love was hit and killed while crossing the street on Halloween night.

Now, her family is fighting to keep her memory alive.

And, as Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears reports, they're hoping her legacy is one of change on valley roadways for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The night 12-year-old Faith Love died, her mother wasn't with her.

Rocquell Love stayed home to care for her 7-year-old son who was sick and couldn't go trick-or-treating.

Cell phone video captured by an eyewitness gave her the chance to see the scene as it was unfolding.

The family's attorney shared the video with Contact 13.

"It's hard to see and it makes my loss amplified," Rocquell says.

41-year-old Justin Caramanica can be seen in the video wearing a red shirt, pacing and throwing his arms in the air.

Witnesses say he was speeding and claiming someone was chasing him.

"The distractions that we allow ourselves to engage in or to be sucked in by, that's more important than a life," Rocquell says, shaking her head.

Faith's life ended on Halloween after Caramanica hit her as she was crossing Sandstone Bluffs in Summerlin South.

It's a residential street with a 25 mile-per-hour speed limit.

Her aunt, Kim Bullock, was with her in a big family group.

"Her cousins are all around her," Kim recalls, fighting tears.  "We're all praying, God, please, you know, don't let this be it!"

She had to break the news to her daughter, Faith's 12-year-old cousin and best friend.

"She said 'Mom, I thought we were gonna grow old together.'  And so to have that taken from us... my niece did not die of natural causes.  Her life was taken from her!"

Faith's family has a message for all motorists as the holidays approach.

"If you have a couple of drinks, stay at home.  Don't get behind the wheel," Kim pleads.  "Because that man's decision has altered our lives forever."

Neither Caramanica nor his lawyer returned our calls for comment.

Caramanica is accused of drinking and taking prescription painkillers before getting behind the wheel.

"If you're on medication and on the label it says 'do not drive machinery, do not operate machinery,' listen to that label!  Listen to doctors' orders!  They don't say that for nothing!" Kim exclaims.

Rocquell hopes her family's tragedy leads to positive change on valley roadways.

"Let's get back to common courtesy for each other.  If we can do that, I believe it'll get better.  It'll get better one person at a time."

The family wants change to start on Sandstone Bluffs.

"It's unfortunate, because where we were crossing at, there's a bend, it's like a blind spot, which needs to be fixed," Kim says.  "They need to put a stop sign, a speed bump, something, because people fly around that corner all the time."

For now, their handmade signs have at least started to slow drivers down.

"The one thing that stands out the most is the fact that in 12 short years, she has changed an entire community," Kim says.

Rocquell hopes her daughter left this world knowing how special she was.

"I was able to speak to her that night and for me, I just would want to know for sure that she knew that I loved her.  And that I was proud of her."

Faith's family says the HOA in Summerlin has given them until January 2nd to take the memorial down. 

The family is working with the city get a permanent plaque put in place at the crash site. 

And they'd also like to have the street re-named in Faith's name to encourage everyone to slow down, be smart and be safe.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report earlier this month showing pedestrian injuries and fatalities are on the rise, despite a decline in most other types of accidents.

That's another reason that we here at Action News continue with our "Be Smart.  Be Safe." campaign.

Join us and sign the pledge.

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