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Family of girl killed while trick-or-treating speaks out

CREATED Dec 19, 2011

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -  It's been almost two months since 12-year-old Faith Love was killed crossing the street on Halloween night.

Now, for the first time, we're hearing from the aunt who was trick-or-treating with her.

She sat down exclusively with Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears to share cell phone video from the scene that the family hopes will be a force for change in our community.

"We have to make a statement.  We have to make a change.  We have to make a difference. As hard as it is to be here today, I know that on behalf of Faith I have to say something," says Kim Bullock, Faith's aunt, as she recalls the night her niece died.

It's nearly 8:30 p.m. on Halloween.

41-year-old Justin Caramanica has just hit 12-year-old Faith Love on Sandstone Bluffs in Summerlin South.

Dressed as a Native American princess, she was trick-or-treating with her family.

"He's speeding.  Flying down in a residential area on Halloween night and you know kids are going to be out!  He's flying!" Kim recalls.  "And all I had enough time to do was yell her name.  Faith!  By the time she looked, here he comes.  And this guy did not stop.  He did not try to swerve and miss her."

Darcy Spears: "No screech of brakes?"

Kim: "No screech.  He went through my niece like she was invisible."

Caramanica is accused of drinking and taking prescription drugs before getting behind the wheel.

"That man's decision has altered our lives forever," Kim says, fighting back tears.

The family asked their attorney to give Contact 13 cell phone video captured by an eyewitness of the minutes right after the crash.

"Her purpose in all this is to create awareness about these types of incidents," says Brad Mainor, the family's lawyer.  "I mean, we have a problem here in this community.  We have a big problem with pedestrian accidents and its on the rise."

In the video, you can see Caramanica walking around outside his car, wearing a red shirt with the sirens of approaching ambulances in the background.

"The first thing he says when he gets out of the car after he realized he hit her, 'God what have I done?'" Kim explains.  "And I looked at him and I said, 'why were you going so fast?  Why?' And he said, 'cause someone was chasing him."
Darcy: "Did you see any other cars?"
Kim: "No one was chasing him."

A woman on scene tries to take control and can be seen yelling at Caramanica to "Sit down!"

Then Caramanica starts cursing and yelling about being chased.

"I don't want to hear the details.  Just stay where you are," the woman says.

Then he falls over onto his side on the grass and begins moaning.

A few minutes later, after emergency personnel have secured the scene, the person recording tells officials, "He was screaming like somebody was chasing him, like two people were chasing him."

Kim says she thought Caramanica was hallucinating about being chased.

"I had to take my focus off him and I began praying over her.  Praying that God would move.  Praying that maybe she was just knocked out temporarily.  I never thought I'd never see her again."

A nurse in the crowd performed CPR while they waited for the ambulance.

"And I made the hardest phone call I ever had to make in my life to my sister to tell her that her daughter had been hit," Kim recalls, unable to control her tears.

Faith's mother, Rocquell, had stayed home that night with Faith's 7-year-old brother.

"I was supposed to be there," Rocquell said.  "We would have been there had my son not taken ill."

She had one, simple expectation as her daughter left to trick-or-treat with her cousins.

"My expectation is for people to obey the law."

Especially on a street where the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

"Had he been going 25, she may have had something broken or bruised.  She'd be sitting right over there or we wouldn't even be here, actually.  I wouldn't be here if he was going 25."

We don't know how fast he was actually going because Metro hasn't released the accident report yet. 

We did reach out to Caramanica and his lawyer, but neither returned calls for comment.

Rocquell has a hard time thinking about him at all.

She's focusing instead on rebuilding her family's life without Faith.

"It doesn't get any easier to be at home without her.  It doesn't, when my son sees something or hears something and it reminds him that he won't ever see her again.  It doesn't get any easier."

Faith's family hopes their tragedy will create positive change on valley roadways. 

We'll have more on what changes they're seeking tomorrow as we continue this special report. 

Faith's story is a big part of why we here at Action News created our "Be Smart, Be Safe" campaign.

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