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Contribute your own pics and videos to any of these galleries by emailing them from your computer or smartphone to
  • Family traditions

    Family traditions

    Whether it's a delicious food spread, a family game of flag football, watching the big game or even the parade, show us what traditions your family follows on Thanksgiving!

  • Giving to others

    Giving to others

    Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have. Show us how you give back this time of year to give thanks for all the joys in your life!

  • Thank our veterans

    Thank our veterans

    Send in pics and video of you and your family giving back to our country's hard-working veterans this holiday season.

  • I'm thankful for…

    I'm thankful for…

    Who or what makes you thankful? Show us in pics and video!

  • SEEN ON TV: iContribute segments

    SEEN ON TV: iContribute segments

    Scroll through the gallery and look to the bottom of each slide for a video link. Keep sending in your photos and videos via email to

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