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Clark County Medical Society Mini-Internship Program

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CCMS physicians will have and intern shadow them for half a day or a full day to gain insight into the professional life of physicians. Interns will be given a choice of medical specialties of physicians they wish to observe, and are encouraged to ask questions and discuss concerns throughout the day.

At the end of the mini-internship program, CCMS will host a debriefing dinner for participating interns and physicians to discuss their experiences and share perspectives on health care delivery. Our goal is to facilitate lines of communication and expand perspectives on health care issues between the medical community and community leaders.

Members of the community are encouraged to participate, including, but not limited to: Elected Government Officials, District and Family Court Judges, Educators, Media Representatives, Consumer Advocacy Groups and Business Community Leaders.

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Occurs daily: [starting Oct 7, 2013 ending Oct 17, 2013]
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